With new ideas and passion we can make your dreams come true.
There are no crazy ideas!

LostInGOLD - Ready to break the rules
I am a gilder and restorer inspired by travelling and different cultures. Always looking for new ways to use my 10 years of experience and knowledge in gilding. 
I still have a small piece of the first gold leaf I had in my hands. It was more than 10 years ago. My Journey with gilding started from that day. I got a bachelor degree in restoration and conservation chemistry, had practice in paper restoration, later gilding and polichromy restoration. I got my master gilding certificate in Sydney, Australia. I was working with a variety of different projects from food gilding, altar decoration, modern architecture to helmets and computers.
During these years I saw a huge potential of gilding not being used and decided to create LostInGOLD and bring gilding to the new age.
I started it to break rules in the gilding world. There is the unwritten rule that gilding is for antiques, old architecture and can not be used anywhere else in our daily life. LostInGOLD breaks this rule with new ideas which are closer to us. I believe that gilding can make your favourite things cooler and more unique by combining different styles and techniques. 

Ingrida Valantiejute
Founder of LostInGOLD